Loft Boarding Out

At WMA Joinery, we are experts in loft boarding out, Loft Boarded Out 5 transforming your unused loft space into a safe, accessible, and efficient storage area. Our loft boarding service includes the installation of 8x2ft T&G 18mm caberfloor, which is specifically designed to provide a strong and durable surface for storing your belongings.

This raised, strengthened flooring is perfect for ensuring that your stored items are protected from damp and cold, as well as providing easy access for you to retrieve them when needed. Our loft boarding packages start from just £375.00 per 100sq ft, offering a cost-effective solution for homeowners looking to maximise their storage capacity. Trust our team of professionals to handle your loft boarding needs, ensuring a clean and tidy finish that complements your home.

Loft Boarding Out 5 Main Benefits To You Include!

1. Increased storage space: Loft boarding creates additional storage space in your home, helping to declutter living areas and make better use of your loft.

2. Enhanced safety: Professionally installed loft flooring provides a safe and secure surface for storing belongings and accessing your loft.

3. Property value: A well-organized loft with ample storage space can increase the overall value and appeal of your property.

4. Protection for belongings: Raised and strengthened flooring protects your stored items from damp and cold, ensuring they remain in good condition.

5. Professional finish: Our expert team guarantees a clean and tidy finish, ensuring your loft boarding project enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.